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"Welcome to the all-new on-course®"

on-course® has seen a major relaunch in November 2014. The site is now much faster than before and has been given a number of features to better help you find the right courses for your needs.


The relaunch features in on-course®

Settings for your account

Once you are signed in you can change your username and password using the ‘My account’ tab (top right hand corner). If you like you can link more than one e-mail address to your account. You can also make personalized settings to create an automated search.


Bookmark courses and providers

You can bookmark courses that you want to keep by clicking the star icon in the title bar. The bookmarked courses will be saved to your account and are listed for comparison under the star tab (top right hand corner).

In the new on-course® system you can also bookmark course providers that you are especially interested in, this is done by visiting the course provider page and click the star icon.

Tips for course provider users: In order to find the courses you have entered faster you can use the bookmark function.


Improved search functions

The new on-course® site has a number of new search options that we hope will help our users to improve their search for the right courses. The search filters can be found under the advanced search tab, right below the search bar.

A completely new feature is the possibility to search for course providers using a google map view. This is done by visiting the grey provider tab at the top of the page and then choosing the map option.


News and views on on-course®

A new page component in the new on-course is the addition of dedicated pages to course insights and demand areas. On the course insight page we give insight to the courses in on-course® by presenting statistics on factors important when choosing a course, such as quality and cost.

On the demand areas page you can find discussions on topics like “The Next Big Thing in Biomedical Sciences”. We have also dedicated a page to teaching methods and collected information about the joint IMI initiative of imi-train.


Improved course entry

The new on-course® site has a new course entry structure that we hope you will find contains several improvements. The data entry pages have tabs for different sections and can be filled out in any order. All data can be saved at any point and be resumed at a later point.

For courses that are given in several variations such as full time and part time, or in the native language and English, it is now possible to create presentations for the different variants under the fees dates and location tab.

We are also happy to inform you that the new on-course is XCRI compatible, allowing live automated course updates directly from your institute website. If your institute is using XCRI and you are interested in linking to on-course please contact