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Did you know?

University ranking is associated with quality of teaching and job prospects at the end of a course.

You may expect course fees to be cheaper at lower ranking universities. This is not the case for European students taking biomedical taught-masters degrees. Our data shows that poorer ranking universities charge the same on average as better ranked universities.

Taught-masters fees do not correlate with university ranking

Our Recommendation

As with anything in life, shop around. If you do not mind moving around Europe you will find a high quality course for a reasonable price at a good university.

The above graph is taken from our publication on fees:

Payton A, Dallakian P, Fitton A, Payton A.M, Hardman M, Yuille M. Course fees and academic ranking: insights from the IMI EMTRAIN on-course® database. Drug Discov Today. 2014 19(7):830-3

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European biomedical masters-taught course cost (standardised to Euros)

(Data prepared at Oct. 25, 2019, 12:44 p.m.)

Masters-taught course fees range from less than 500 to 25,000 Euros. The biggest variation tends to occur between rather than within countries and may be driven in part by country specific subsidies for EU students.