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The IMI shared standard for course quality enables professionals in medicines R&D to create a personalised portfolio of education and training that best suits their needs.

By seeking input from the medicines R&D community, especially professional bodies and course providers involved in the career development of biomedical scientists, we have initiated the creation of a mutually recognized framework for lifelong learning in medicines R&D. While university-provided courses are quality regulated by the university quality systems, there was no broadly agreed quality reference for non-university CPD courses. The agreed and shared IMI quality standards for non-university CPD courses call for defined and transparent admission criteria, a predefined set of teaching objectives leading to defined learning outcomes, assessment of the students’ achievement, a system for collecting, assessing and addressing feedback, and provision of appropriate and updated reference material. This quality standard for non-university CPDs will obviate some of the need for retraining personnel who have already developed appropriate skills in a different setting, thereby saving the industry additional effort.

IMI Quality Standards applied to short courses (CPD) in Europe

Number of short courses (CPD) for each IMI Quality Standard (QS)

(Data prepared at Oct. 25, 2019, 12:44 p.m.)


  • QS #1: University accreditation OR a system for approving, monitoring and reviewing the training offered
  • QS #2: Quality assurance of teaching staff
  • QS #3: Regular review of the QA/QC process and demonstration that the training is further developed in light of this review
  • QS #4: Defined and transparent admission criteria
  • QS #5: A predefined set of teaching objectives, leading to defined learning outcomes
  • QS #6: The facilities, infrastructure, leadership and competences available for the support of student learning
  • QS #7: Assessment of the students' achievement in accordance with the agreed learning outcomes of the training offered
  • QS #8: A system for collecting, assessing and addressing feedback from learners, teachers, technical / administrative staff and programme / course / module managers
  • QS #9: Availability of appropriate and regularly reviewed reference material (e.g. published articles, links, book chapters, scripts, etc)

Our publication on IMI Quality Standards

Klech H, Brooksbank C, Price S, Verpillat P, Bühler FR, Dubois D, Haider N, Johnson C, Lindén HH, Payton T, Renn O, See W. European initiative towards quality standards in education and training for discovery, development and use of medicines. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2012; 45(5):515-20.

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More about: Quality

Number of short courses (CPD) that meet nine out of nine IMI Quality Standards by country

(Data prepared at Oct. 25, 2019, 12:44 p.m.)

on-course® flags CPD courses that have agreed to assign the IMI quality standards. The standards are a guide to course quality but it should be noted that there are some very high quality courses from providers such as EBI that do not necessarily meet all 9 of the quality criteria.

Short courses recommended / recognised / delivered by scientific and professional bodies

(Data prepared at Oct. 25, 2019, 12:44 p.m.)

on-course® also flags courses that are recommended by scientific and professional bodies or similar organisations. These courses can be searched for from the advanced search options in on-course®.