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University accreditation applies to courses from this institution


With its awareness of being the first university of the Turkish Republic, and under the light of Atatürk’s revolutionary ideas and principles of the Republic, Ankara University is locked on to the target of reaching the highest level of modern civilization under the guidance of reason and science.
The Mission of Ankara University is
• to contribute to developments in modern science and technologies
• to follow these developments daily and to reflect them in higher education, social life, administration, development dynamics, service and product provision processes of the country
• to support rapid and sustainable development efforts of the country while having full regard for human prosperity and happiness, as well as for nature and environment
• to provide effectively to the people of all ages, the foremost being the youth of the country, the chance to learn, to work as a professional and to increase the efficiency of their activities, through scientific and professional development opportunities
• to attain excellence and a high quality in the production and circulation of original and specific scientific knowledge
• to strengthen the light of science by providing the infrastructure for researchers and scientists to work freely and efficiently
• to earn the global respect of other individuals and institutions who lead the world in the advancement of science and art
The Vision of Ankara University is
• in the administration of the University, to encourage participation and joint development of the University with all constituent participants, both individuals and institutions
• to organize and to continuously update the educational programs for associate , bachelors and master and doctoral degree programs consistent with contemporary needs and with the expectations of the future
• to use training and educational methods which facilitate research-based learning
• to take an effective, dynamic and reputable place on a respected platform of education and training, and with comprehensive participation in the research and educational strategies of the European Union
• to construct scientific research and development projects, taking into consideration the most important requirements of the country in terms of development, the advancements in science, technique & technology and the tendencies towards the foreseeable future, in areas like the European Union research platform
• to enable scientific research by allocating the highest amount of intramural and extramural support possible, as well as bringing in support from national and international sources as well
• to give a very high priority to cooperation between university and industry, particularly in scientific research
• to establish a Technology Development Area and to incorporate the present Technology Development Center into this area in order to accelerate national production with scientific and technological innovations and developments; and taking into consideration the wide ranging scientific disciplines of the University, highlighting interdisciplinary approaches in education and research, creating and opening encompassing and interacting programs in areas from biotechnology, health sciences, socio-economic development, individual-society-good governance, from the most basic principles to the most practical, with the highest possible participation of the academic units of the University
• to provide facilities for the social-cultural-artistic and sporting needs of the students; and to providing diploma programs in formal and non-formal education together with certificate programs for institutions-firms by means of distance education, conferences, seminars, workshops and similar activities to form a society-university interface.



Dögol Caddesi
Turkey (TR)


(0312) 212 60 40