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Flipped classroom

Flipped classroom

For an flipped or inverted classroom the order of a class followed home assignment is “flipped”, i.e. you start with a pre-course learning assignment, which is then discussed in the following class.

You will need


Content for the students to prepare before class

Optional but good to have

Audio-visual equipment 

You might want to think about how to also include less secure students during the discussions of the pre-course work

Benefits and limitations


  • Students acquire the content on their own and can use their personal learning preferences
  • Having the students prepare a topic before the class, allows a more in-depth discussion during class
  • Students have the chance to address aspects they did not understand or have a particular interest in
  • Students are at the same level when the class starts


  • Students have to organise themselves to complete pre-course assignment
  • Instructor needs to be more flexible, class is less foreseeable
  • Less secure students might not contribute their questions during the class

What do I actually do as an instructor/facilitator?

Preparation / before class

Based on the intended learning outcomes you prepare a pre-course assignment. This assignment can be composed of reading assignments and/or essays and/or quizzes and/or case studies. 

Implementation / during class

The content of the pre-course assignment is further developed. You address open questions and difficulties the students had. After that you can further extend the topic.

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